32º Digital Business Congress


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Disruptions: The Great Digital Tech (R)Evolutions

9th – 10th may | Lisbon & Online

From ecosystems and digital assets to changes in the financial system and the advance of regulated digital currencies, from the transformation of public administration to changes in the labor market, digital technologies are changing everything and everyone at an ever-increasing pace.
Artificial intelligence, 5G, automation, metaverse, tokenization, quantum computing, cybersecurity, and cloud are technologies that will bring profound changes, if not revolutions, at both economic and social levels. Many of them aren’t even foreseeable yet, in a world that continues to face numerous interconnected challenges for which answers urgently need to be found.
At the APDC Congress, we’ll discuss the major technological upheavals and their foreseeable impact, promote a shared debate, and identify ways forward for our common future. This will be the stage par excellence for the exchange of ideas and synergies between all stakeholders.

Auditório da Faculdade de Medicina Dentária de Lisboa

Rua Prof. António Flores,
Cidade Universitária
1649-003 Lisboa


38° 45′ 0.9432″N, 9° 9 ‘ 20.1744″ W

How do I get there?

There are many ways to get to the Venue thanks to the brilliant public and private transport links in Lisbon.

By taxi:

Catch a taxi from anywhere in Lisbon, or use ride share apps such as Uber.

By metro:

Take the yellow line to Cidade Universitária Station, which is a ten-minute walk from the event venue.


On-Street parking with meters.

Please plan to arrive early, expect weekday traffic, and parking impacts on campus.

By bus:

You can take the 731, 735, 732, 738, 768 bus.

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